The Brimfield Block

Brimfield Awakening

The Brimfield Block

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The Brimfield Block

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The Brimfield Block

This is an English Paper Piecing (EPP)

pattern that will make a finished quilt that measures 61″ x 47″.

The EPP segment is appliqued onto a square of fabric to make a complete block.

There are 12 blocks in a quilt.

This block is inspired by an orphaned quilt block

unearthed at the Brimfield Antiques

Show in Massachusetts.

The beauty of this quilt pattern is the two negative spaces

that result when the blocks are assembled

– both inside each block and within the lattice work

of the pieced blocks.

The secondary Crosses for Quilting pattern

that gets revealed once the blocks are

pieced together lends itself to beautiful quilting work.

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