WBM unisex Pajama pants papirmønster
WBM - Pyjamasbukse, Unisex

Wardrobe by Me

WBM - Pyjamasbukse, Unisex

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WBM - Pyjamasbukse, Unisex

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unisex Pajama pants papirmønster

Størrelse  A-I

A simple pair of Pajama pants PDF Sewing Pattern, with elastic and pull string in the waist casing.

The PJ pants are without a side seam, making them super comfortable for sleeping, and a very fast sewing project. This pattern has unisex sizing.

Skill level 2/4

The PJ pants are an easy sewing project, fit for a beginner. You have sewn before but not a super experienced seamstress.

PJ Pants sewing pattenr

Fabric and notions

Use a light to medium weight woven fabric in cotton, viscose, silk polyester, or a blend of other fibers. Go for something that will be comfortable to wear in bed.

  • Unisex size range
  • Elasticated waistline
  • One pattern piece
  • Several lengths (see size spec)

Seam allowance

The pattern includes seam allowance.

Wardrobe By Me is the pattern company founded by Christina Albeck.

Christina has a background as a patternmaker and technical designer for 25 years in the fashion industry.

She designs patterns using her years of experience from fitting and sewing garments that have a broad appeal.

The style is modern, and the garments are easy to style.

Wardrobe By Me is based in Denmark, and the Danish design tradition is evident in the contemporary style of the patterns.


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