More of My Runners Mønster

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More of My Runners Mønster

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More of My Runners Mønster

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More of My Runners Mønster

I have a never ending passion. I love runners!

Spirited and beautiful runners that enliven your home and call forth an atmosphere for special occasions.

I love designing runners and I am not bound to sewing from a particular quilt fabric.

I look at the colors and enjoy using leftover fabric in my creations.

To take forth all of the blue fabric color tones if I am building a sky,

like for instance in my Winter Birds runner in the book,

and arranging them from light tones to dark.

You should try it and it will probably surprise you how much leftover fabric

you have tucked away and what your outcome will be!

I love decorating my home with runners and not just to have on a table.

Think outside the box, put a beautiful runner over the arm of your chair in the living room,

a cute runner over the end of a child’s bed or put a romantic runner on a hook in your summer getaway.

Use your imagination, runners offer so many possibilities!

The book contains patterns for 12 fun runners.

Some are quite simple and «modern» which everyone can make.

Eight of the projects in the book use the method

«Quilt as you go» which I love using because it is both quick to make and fun!

I hope you enjoy looking through my book and making runners from it.

May they bring your home happiness and love.

Table of contents: General Instructions;

Hop into Spring; Stacked Elephants; Eat, Pray, Love!;

Joy in the Woods; Vintage Deer; Four and Twenty Blackbirds;

Love me Tender; Birdies and Blooms;

Black Cat; Dreaming of Santa; Winter Birds; Balloon Fun.

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