Emmaline Bags Flora Wristlet Mønster

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Emmaline Bags Flora Wristlet Mønster

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Emmaline Bags Flora Wristlet Mønster

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Flora Wristlet Pattern


Make a beautiful wristlet for any occasion.

This stitches up very quickly & easily, and gives you an end result that is professional and elegant.

Leave off the wrist strap and use as a clutch, or add 2 strap tabs and a shoulder strap for a cute little shoulder bag.

The recessed zipper opening is classy looking, and very easy to sew! Includes

digital drawings and pattern pieces for pieces that are not simple rectangles.

Cutting instructions provided for rotary cutter, ruler and mat to cut rectangular pieces.

Pattern instructions are in both imperial & metric. FINISHED SIZE: Width - 11” (28 cm) Height - 6” (15 cm) Depth - 1” (2.5 cm)

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