My Runners løper Mønster

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My Runners løper Mønster

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My Runners løper Mønster

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Søndre gate 25
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Who doesn’t love putting a table runner on their table for a special occasion or to fit each season?

I am one of those people with a cabinet full of table runners

that I love to decorate with and change frequently

what occasion, or just what mood I am in..

This book has 12 projects that are all very dear to me.

Each is a labor of love filled with thoughts of family and close friends.

I hope that you enjoy my runners.

May they bring happiness to your home!

Includes general instructions plus 12 projects: Modern Christmas;

Polka Dots Christmas; Ornamentally Fun;

Live, Laugh, Love; Winterstar; Home; Easter’s Here; Sunflower Field;

Autumn Berries; Itsy Bitsy Halloween; Ho, ho…Santa’s Here; Frosty Apple Cheeks.

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